Oh, the places you'll go...for the CPA Exam.
We're very pleased to announce the Winners of the Wiley Test Bank App for FAR! Chosen for their crazy devotion, these CPA candidates will travel to the ends of the earth for the CPA Exam. From studying at the airport after a flight diversion, to kicking back with Roger CPA Review at the local bar, their dedication to the big bad test is unwavering.
Congratulations to the following:
Mary Rappleye Hardy
Zayda Geronimo
Andrea Lipiro
Melissa Benson
Maricar Roldan
*Please email spopken@rogercpareview.com to redeem your app for FAR. Be sure to include "Wiley Winner - Your Name" in the subject line!
We hope you enjoy your increased on-the-go studying, and we know we'll continue to be impressed by the places you'll go for the CPA Exam.
Stay tuned for a blog revealing the strange places these winners have whipped out their CPA Review!