Need CPA Exam Inspiration?

Read Elizabeth Johnson's touching story on how she passed the CPA Exam!

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​​​​​​​Muizz Mullani passed the CPA Exam on his first try.

See how Roger CPA Review's engaging lectures and SmartPath Predictive Technology made all the difference! 

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Jackie passed the CPA Exam on her first try while working full time. 

See how our motivating lectures and resourceful tools made all the difference on her journey to licensure. 

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Michael says choosing Roger CPA Review was the best decision he could have made.

Find out why. 

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Wesley Guymon breaks down his study strategy.

Learn more about how he used our course to pass the CPA Exam on his first attempt, all with scores in the 90s. 

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Sophie Keen is a 2018 Elijah Watt Sells Award winner. 

See how she passed the CPA Exam on her first try as a mom of 2 -- all while reestablishing her career. 

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Kristen Rossi passed the CPA Exam on her first try.

See how she did it with Roger CPA Review and all less than a year from graduating! 

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April-2019-Student-of-the-Month-Amanda-StajcarSee how SmartPath helped Amand Stajcar pass the CPA Exam.

All while working full time and being a mom of 2! 

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Failing-the-CPA-Exam-What-Ive-LearnedOur guest blogger failed the CPA Exam multiple times.

See what he learned about himself, hsi study habits, and how he turned the negative experiences into a positive one. 
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David Roberts attributes his CPA Exam success to SmartPath.

See how it helped him pass while working full-time and having two kids!
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