Is this your first Busy Season?

Here are some great tips on how to make the best of it! 

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Need some tips before your Big 4 interview?

We'll go through what a typical "office visit" looks like and what you can do to be prepared on interview day.

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Audit or Tax?

Here are the pros and cons of both.

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Need some advice before heading into a Meet the Firms Event?

We've got the answers here.

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CPA-vs-NON-CPA-InfographicCurious as to what the pros and cons are of being a certified vs. uncertified accountant?

We break it down in this infographic. 

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CPAs have considerable professional opportunities within the workforce, which includes deciding to work for a firm that reflects their ideal work environment. We surveyed CPA Candidates (non-CPAs) and current CPAs to find out what type of environment aligns best with their ideal workplace. We wanted to know how they work and what type of surrounding motivates them. Being happy at work increases long-term success, productivity and inspires greatness. Find out what our survey says about the ideal work environment for CPAs. 

[Click Infographic to Download PDF]

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In college, I’d hear professionals talk about the hours they worked during busy season and not quite get it. I understood time — you get in early, you leave late. You work weekends. What’s the big deal, right?

Sometimes you just must do more.

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This past month, we attended the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California! Every year we're proud to partner with this fantastic organization that provides accounting students with everything they need to jump start their accounting careers. 

This year, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, was asked to present a session on how to set goals and achieve success. We had a great turn out and met with many accounting students from different colleges and universities across the nation. It was an honor to be able to present at the BAP Annual Meeting and it was a pleasure meeting everyone. 

Luckily, if you weren't able to attend or aren't yet a BAP member, we captured Roger's presentation on video! Watch it below to see what Roger's best recommendations are to set realistic goals and achieve success. 

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Whether you’re considering which route you’d like to take after you obtain your CPA license, or if you’re looking to make a career switch from public accounting to something with more reasonable hours, many accounting professionals don’t normally think about government accounting as their first option.

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Should I get a Master's Degree in Accounting? If you're a current accountant, college student, or someone thinking about switching careers into the accounting profession, you have most likely already asked yourself this question--probably multiple times. And if you've come to the conclusion that you would like to pursue this postgraduate degree, another question remains: should you obtain it through live courses or exclusively online?

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