Last week, I talked about the first steps you need to take in order to become successful during your first years at an accounting firm. Now that you have the consultant mindset and you are off on your way to becoming a CPA, prepare yourself for the next steps of how to survive and thrive in a public accounting setting: time management and learning as much as you possibly can about your client and their business.

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Congratulations! You are now working full time at an accounting firm...what’s next? Or, if you haven't gotten that full-time offer quite yet but are looking forward to it in the near future, it's never too early to learn how you can survive and thrive once you do.

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Get a head start on your career this summer. 

See what our top 5 tips are for passing the CPA Exam and getting started on your career in the next few months. 

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While attending a Beta Alpha Psi Annual Meeting several years ago, we had the pleasure of hearing many great speakers give presentations on the accounting industry. One in particular, CEO of Grant Thornton International, gave some excellent career advice when asked by a student about the CPA Exam. Below we've paraphrased the best advice for those pursuing a career in accounting:

  • Firms won't promote anymore if you don't have the CPA Exam completed early on.

  • If you think your first year at a firm is going to be busy, then you are severely underestimating how busy you'll be the second year!

  • Putting off the CPA Exam is career suicide. It's not up for debate or question; candidates need to get it done right away. Most accounting firms desire that you are at least pursuing the Exam by your start date.

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For many accounting graduates, making sure they ensure a position in a top firm is an important step in their accounting career. Not only can it open up a whole world of opportunities as they continue exploring their options, but also enables them to climb the corporate ladder more quickly. However, there's a lot of competition to work at these top firms. Here are 5 tips you can use to make sure you get there.

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Kevin Turco from Armanino LLP has served as the firm's Campus Recruiter and played a fundamental role in sourcing, onboarding, and retaining top entry-level talent within the Public Accounting and Consulting industry. As Senior Manager today and someone who has worked in public accounting for over 10 years, tune in below to hear his advice on how to build a lucrative and lasting career!

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Still deciding whether or not CPA licensure is right for you? Be ambivalent no more! Although the CPA Exam is a tough exam to prepare for and pass, there is of course a method behind the madness. CPAs are at the forefront of financial integrity for whatever organization they serve; therefore they must prove that their accounting skills and knowledge are top notch.

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Our guest author, Professor Tchaikovsky, CPA, is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Irvine Valley College. A few weeks ago, he shared an article regarding how students can jump start their accounting career by learning everything they need to know about the hiring process as well as 3 different types of positions students can be interviewed for.

Today, Professor Tchaikovsky dives into part two of this topic, as he talks about what steps you need to take to become recognized and obtain an interview from recruiters before graduating.

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If you have an accounting internship coming up or are planning to land one in your undergraduate career, you may not know exactly what to expect. So we talked to a few students, both recent graduates and undergrads, who told us all about their recently completed internships with public accounting firms in their area.

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