Have you just passed the CPA Exam and anxious to place the letters, CPA, next to your name?

Find out best practices here.

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Not sure when you should start studying?

Whether you're a working professional or student, we've got the answers here.

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Are you on the fence about public accounting?

Find out if public accounting is right for you. 

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CPA-vs-CMAWondering what the major differences are between a CPA and CMA?

Find out here.
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There are many reasons to earn your CPA license.

But here are the top 5 things that will really benefit you personally and profesionally. 

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Benefits-of-Having-a-CPA-License-in-Public-and-Private-AccountingThe CPA license is extremely versatile.

Which is why it's still considered the gold standard in accounting. See what benefits you can gain from licensure in both the private and public sectors.
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Are you nervous about your first day of work at an accounting firm? Don't worry, we have you covered. Download our eBook, What to Expect Your First Day at an Accounting Firm, to find out what to wear, what to expect, what you need to know, and how to stand out to your new employer. 
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It’s getting closer to spring; a time when accounting students are starting to think about graduation and entering the workforce. We’d love to hear about your career goals! So, we put together this fun survey to find out more about you and your desired career path! You’ll also receive our FREE CPA Salary Survey Results to help you determine just how much a CPA license can impact your overall career and increase your salary.
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Receiving job offers can be overwhelming.

See what you should be looking for and questioning when an offer comes in, and how you can go about ensuring you're getting what you need out of the company and position. 

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