bypass 2017 cpa exam changes with 2016 roger cpa review course

Roger CPA Review, the leading CPA Exam preparation program in eLearning, announced today that their 2016 course materials are now available to CPA Exam candidates.  With the AICPA’s recent news of the significant changes in store for the CPA Exam in 2017, this is the perfect opportunity for candidates to bypass these changes altogether.


“We are on the forefront of the upcoming 2017 CPA Exam changes,” said Kristin Lynes, Chief Operating Officer at Roger CPA Review.  “Based on the AICPA’s recently released Exposure Draft on the 2017 changes, the new exam’s focus on higher order skills will lead to a more difficult exam.  We therefore highly recommend candidates that are eligible to sit in 2016 to pass as many parts as they can prior to the 2017 changes.”


The team at Roger CPA Review, including the profession’s top academics, has updated the 2016 course textbooks, lectures, and practice questions to ensure each reflect the content changes expected to affect the CPA Exam in the coming year.  Most of the 2016 exam changes are a result of the recent Accounting Standard Updates issued by FASB, which will be tested in the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) Exam.  The Regulation (REG) and Auditing and Attestation (AUD) Exams will undergo minor changes, while the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) Exam will not change in 2016.


“Although the 2016 CPA Exam will not include any major changes, it will still be a very challenging exam, requiring much focus and dedication,” said Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, the company’s lead instructor and CEO.  “We pride ourselves in keeping our students engaged in their studies, and are dedicated to ensuring they are fully prepared with the most up-to-date information no matter when they’re sitting.”


All students that begin studying with Roger CPA Review in 2016 will have access to a fully upgraded course platform, which broke new ground in eLearning over the past year.  This system was built to enhance students’ ability to make poignant connections, increase engagement, and improve how they retain and apply information.  Among these updates are streamlined learning tools, such as closed captioning, adjustable lecture speed, and eTextbook highlighting functions.  The course also includes the recently upgraded Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ) software and CPA Exam Simulator, which provides students maximum control over their studies with customizable quiz settings and full-length practice exams.  The course is supported by robust diagnostic reporting that helps students determine their overall progress and competency.

All Roger CPA Review students will receive automatic updates to their online course materials for the duration of their course.

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Roger CPA Review is a team dedicated to helping students successfully prepare for the CPA Exam with the industry's most Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable eLearning system. With a core belief that the key to success is enjoying what you do, each learning tool has been designed with special care to foster a study process that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment. The Roger Method™ is a proven teaching approach in which lectures, texts, and practice questions are broken down into highly motivating micro-lessons that simplify difficult concepts while keeping students focused. For more information about Roger CPA Review, visit