How many type A personalities do we have here? This blog is especially for you! Even if you're not type A, you've probably experienced some levels of stress due to the CPA Exam. Stress can be especially difficult to deal with as you approach your exam- it can even keep you from doing your absolute best. Sure, some levels of stress are great because they keep you on your toes and prevent you from getting too relaxed. However, given the daunting nature of the exam and process, stress levels can run high. Here are some of the best stress relievers (or so we think) for CPA Exam students:

1. Exercise: This is a scientifically proven fact! People who work out even 7 minutes a day are happier, which we think translates to less stress. So, work it out, sweat some sweat, and feel the endorphins flow after your pilates/yoga/treadmill/you pick session.

2.Visualize success: Whatever the reason for your stress (too much material, test is too soon, etc), take some time everyday to visualize your successes- both long term and short term. For example, before you start studying Saturday morning, visualize what you will do that evening when you're done studying. Then, for more long term purposes, imagine how you will feel when you pass the CPA Exam (do this after you're done studying). This kind of mental break or day dream helps you visualize your success, which is essential to reducing any tension you may feel.

3. Stay organized: We cannot stress (HaHa) this enough! If you know where you're going (or, as Roger says, "Plan your dive, dive your plan"), and stick to a study schedule, you are less likely to stress out. The sheer amount of information you're expected to take in is probably the most difficult aspect of the CPA Exam. By staying organized we mean the following: split up lessons down to the day (this means you need a study planner), have rewards lined up every week, keep your notes in one place, and have a plan for when you're taking each section.

If you're stressed, we urge you to exercise, visualize your success, and stay organized! We promise either a combination of the three or maybe just one will ease your stress levels and help you achieve your CPA Exam goals.

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