Q: I fell short on my BEC exam, and Im wondering which areas need improvement.  Other than my overall score, is there some type of a breakdown that shows which areas Im struggling in?

A:  Although the AICPA does not issue a list of questions that the candidate specifically got right or wrong, they do release a Candidate Performance Report which highlights a candidates strengths and weaknesses.

The Candidate Performance Report (CPR) compares the candidates score to the scores of individuals who earned a reported score between 75 and 80 - essentially, how did you do compared to those individuals that just made a passing grade.  The scale used to assess the candidates performance vs. those scoring between 75 and 80 is:  Weaker, Comparable, Stronger.

The comparison within the CPR is divided into two tables.  The first table focuses solely on ones performance within the multiple choice section of the exam.  Within this first table, the multiple choice content is broken down by the content areas specified in the CPA Examination By Craig Cuthbert, CPA
Craig is a National Business Alliance Manager for Roger CPA Review. He successfully passed all four parts of the CPA Exam in 6 months using our course.