Are you exhausted from all the stress, time and energy it takes to study and pass the CPA Exam? Do you ever ask yourself during one of those 2 AM study sessions whether or not the hard work is worth it?

The answer is yes! Yes, it is!

The blood, sweat and tears you're shedding now to

If variety and travel dont convince you that the long hours youre spending studying for the CPA Exam are worth it, consider these two points made by the American Institute of CPAs:

  • The average salary for public accountants (with a 10-15% increase after passing the CPA Exam) is high (between 50K -70K) and goes up the longer you stay in your field.
  • The demand for public accountants is on the rise and is forecasted to grow until 2016.  When youre in high demand, you can count on career stability, a competitive salary and great opportunity to advance.  Just how popular will CPAs be in the future? The Department of Labor and Statistics predicts employment of accountants and auditors will grow faster than average for all occupations through the year 2016, mainly because accounting and auditing regulations are getting stricter and the economy will continue to expand around the globe.

So, dont give up. The path you have chosen is a valuable one filled with great diversity and opportunity.  You can do this!