student of the month april 2013Student of the Month Spotlight April 2013

Congratulations to: Garmeon Yu


Name: Garmeon Yu
College/University: University of Southern California
Firm: PwC
CPA Exam Passed: FAR
Garmeon is a true Roger Rockstar. In addition to being an outstanding Campus Rep for Roger CPA Review, Garmeon also managed to successfully balance an 18-unit course load in his Masters Program at USC, hold down a position at PwC, and pass FARall in one semester!
Why did you take Roger CPA Review?: I am a Roger CPA Review Campus Representative on the USC campus and truly believe in the brand I represent. Within the Leventhal Graduate School of Accounting, peers associate me with Roger CPA without blatant marketing because my success in passing the exams speaks volumes about the quality of the Roger CPA Review Course.
How did you hear about our review course?: I initially heard about Roger CPA Review when I was first stepped into the world of accounting as a non-traditional student with an undergraduate background in biotechnology. About two years ago, I started taking introductory accounting courses and eventually got involved on-campus with Accounting Society. It was there that I got to meet Roger. His speech intrigued and invigorated my commitment to passing the CPA exam.
What was your favorite aspect of our course?: My favorite aspect of the course is Roger's mnemonics and endless enthusiasm. As compared to some other courses' mnemonics that don't stick, Roger's DENT(R) for Other Comprehensive Income accounts are still in my head (effective portion of Derivative cash flow hedges, Excess changes in PBO/FVPA, Net unrealized gains/losses of available-for-sale securities, foreign currency Translation adjustments). That knowledge is still very applicable to the coursework I have to deal with in my accounting courses, post-exam.
How has passing the exams impacted your personal and professional life?: My proudest accomplishment this semester is passing the FAR portion of the CPA exam while having to balance an eighteen-unit graduate course load. My vow to pass all four parts of the CPA exams before starting my career in public accounting perpetually motivates me to spend as much time as possible learning the material. The $5,000 bonus that my firm offers to pass the exam helps, too. Fortunately, I have a very strong support network of family and friends who understand my desire to succeed. Thus far, I've been able to appropriately manage my time between studying and spending time doing other things.
Words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam?: Be relentless in your studies with the mindset that it'll benefit you in the long-run, instead of going with the attitude that you'll study the bare minimum to pass with a 75.
Favorite Quote: Keep calm and fight on!
Anything else you'd like to share?: I am always happy to share with anyone my journey in accounting as well as any other questions they may have in regards to the CPA exam, public accounting, etc.

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