Boost your resume and woo your potential employer by applying to Burr Pilger Mayer's Leadership program, BPM LEAD. Tomorrow, March 23 is the last day to apply:


BPM LEAD is a leadership program, consisting of two experience-driven day sessions. BPM LEAD is unlike other leadership programs due to its size of 8 participants in the North Bay and 8 in the South Bay.

BPM LEAD will educate students on the public accounting experience and the importance of leadership within a firm. Activities, projects, and presentations will incorporate technical skills, soft skills, and professional etiquette, arming BPM LEAD students with an arsenal of noteworthy experiences. This is not a job shadow. Students will have hands on experiences with our curriculum.

Application Process

  • Submit an 800 word maximum essay following the prompts below

  • Attach essay to in the Cover Letter section of the applciation

  • The BPM Application Selection Committee will determine 8 candidates to move to the On Campus Interview section. The Committee will consist of the universitys Partner Champion and Employee Champions of each school

  • One day of On Campus Interviews will be conducted, dates TBD

  • Positions will be announced May 1, 2012


  • Must be strongly considering Public Accounting as a profession

  • Have a can-do and go-getter attitude

  • Must be a team player

  • Have 1.5-2 years of schooling left after Summer 2012

  • Must be graduating with the 2014 CA State Educational Requirements for Licensure completed


Without leaders, the world would walk in circles. It takes leadership to inspire and motivate change and entrepreneurship. At BPM, we pride ourselves on the growth and innovation that our leaders have demonstrated since 1986.

Please choose one of the following prompts:

  • Describe one event that showcases your leadership ability and how it would apply to the business world.

  • Choose one person who has been a defining leader in your life. How has this person enhanced your leadership skills?


APPLICATIONS DUE Friday, March 23, 2012

Interviewees notified for scheduling: April, 2012

Interviews per campus: 8 slots

2012 BPM LEAD Students Announced: May 1, 2012

Date of event North Bay: July 12-13, 2012

Date of event South Bay: July 16-17, 2012