Hi everyone I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  I took advantage of the long weekend by studying at my moms house let me just tell you that pumpkin pie and REG Section 6 go together very well!

While I was fortunate to have the extra study time this weekend I did miss my annual tradition of going out with all of the crazy shoppers (me included!) on Black Friday.  I did do a little shopping this weekend which consisted of new highlighters and more notecards!  When I initially started studying for REG I wanted to take electronic notes; however, very quickly into it, I realized I missed having my notecards.  I keep those babies in my purse at all times so its easy to pull them out anywhere.  Plus, my favorite thing about studying my notecards is having a huge stack to go through, initially going through and setting aside topics I am 100% confident with and know.  Lets face it, that pile is always very small at first.  Little by little, that pile grows and grows and before I know it, I only have a few notecards I need to go over; you just dont get that satisfaction on a Word document!   
My plan for December is to review each section and my notecards again in addition to working the homework problems again.  Its going to be a busy month with studying, working and the holidays.  I had a serious heart to heart with myself this weekend and committed to the plan I designed.  Even though its very easy to get distracted and not study, I will not let that happen.  If any of you have any tips/advice to avoid distractions, especially this time of year, I would love to hear about them!
Good luck to all of you taking advantage of the extra time this window for testing!  Study hard and I know you will do well!


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