Because CPA Exam Score Releases are such a continued hot topic among candidates, the AICPA has pledged to continually release an updated score release timetable for each quarter.  Odds are you wont stop your compulsive-computer-refreshing-saga, but maybe you can tone down just the slightest bit!

Without further ado, today were excited to pass along the brand-spanking-new Q2 and Q3 2012 U.S. CPA Exam score reporting timeline: 

* Records received by AICPA. Note:  Day in Testing Window refers to the date AICPA receives the test result, not the test date. Additionally, some candidates who take the BEC section might receive their scores approximately one week following the target release date due to additional analysis that might be required for the written communication tasks. Scores are generally released during regular business hours.
Have questions? Click here: CPA Exam Score Release Timeline FAQ!