The AICPA has been in cahoots with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and CMA Canada to bring the CPA designation up to our northern neighbor and combine it with the CA and CMA designations.

At the AICPAs t Fall Meeting of Council in Phoenix on Tuesday, AICPA Prez and CEO Barry Melancon discussed these plans for CPA expansion: We want all new professionals in Canada to become credentialed and carry the brand CPA, which would stand for chartered professional accountant, but we all know that what the words stand for versus the letters will probably dissipate very quickly, he said. The legacy brand holders, the CMA and the CA for Canada, the way it would work is those members would get the ability for some period of time to be a CA, CPA or a CMA, CPA and then ultimately that would drop from their vernacular as well. But all new people, once they actually execute on this plan, would simply be Canadian CPAs.

The CPA is becoming quite the world traveler, eh?