We always look forward to our meetings with the AICPA. With the 2011 CPA Exam changes coming soon, these meeting are especially important as we prepare for the updates to our CPA Exam course. Plus, we're able to share some of the information we learn with you!

We know that many candidates are anxious about the changes but the discussion at our meeting with the AICPA was very positive about the future of the Exam. The extended contract between NASBA and the AICPA has only solidified the strong working relationship between the organizations. They also reported that 98% of candidates were satisfied with their experience at Prometric and only .04% of test-takers had to re-test due to technical issues, etc.

Here are the highlights from the meeting:

  • Faster Score Reporting: Changes to the Exam in 2011 such as adjustments to the spreadsheet functionality, research items, and calculator have been designed to contribute to faster score reporting. The goal is to get results back to students within 4 weeks. They did mention that it will take some time to reach this goal and the optimized score reporting will not be in full effect until the last testing window of 2011.
  • BEC Written Component: While the AICPA didn't officially announce the breakdown of the timing for the written component being added to BEC, the inferred time is 10-15 minutes for each component. This is because aside from the writing component, not much else is changing for this section and 1/2 hour is being added.
  • Prep for 2011: The new sample test is now available on the AICPA website as well as additional information regarding the 2011 changes.

Read more about the 2011 CPA Exam changes here.