Deciding which field of study to choose in college is one of the most difficult decisions that college students face each year. Anxiety about the future and stress surrounding a career choice can make you feel insecure and lost. The good news is that you’re not alone! There are resources to help you narrow down the right major leading to a career that is best for you and your lifestyle.

The Student’s Guide to Choosing a Major suggests that, “…today’s college students are encouraged to weigh several factors before choosing an area of focus for a four-year degree program. Important major considerations include overall program cost, salary expectations, employment rates for employees in the field and advanced degree opportunities. Ultimately, students must decide which field will offer the best return-on-investment, or ROI, for their postsecondary education.”


Which Bachelor Degrees Have the Best Hiring Rate?

Karsten Strauss of writes:

To get a snapshot of which bachelor’s degrees provide a leg up with hiring managers, we looked to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a Bethlehem, PA non-profit that links college career placement offices with employers. We folded the top ten degrees that employers told NACE they find appealing and expect to hire in the coming year.

The source of the NACE data came from a survey conducted in 2016 of 169 NACE employer members on their hiring plans for 2017. Strauss explains that the NACE survey respondents declared what types of educational backgrounds were most attractive to them in potential hires.

Accounting was one of the top bachelor’s degrees considered to be the most attractive to NACE employer members with 59.7% willing to hire graduates with an accounting degree and 23.6% willing to hire graduates with a graduate degree in accounting.


What does that mean for students wondering if they should major in accounting?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 166,700 new accounting and auditing jobs will be available by the year 2022. That's a 13 % increase in job growth over the next several years. If you're considering a major in accounting, it's good to know that jobs in the accounting field offer some of the highest salaries among all professions in the United States. Along with making a better-than-average living, accountants (specifically CPA’s) have a higher rate of job security.


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