Last week, our University Relations Team took the Big Apple by storm and attended the annual American Accounting Association conference. They met with a menagerie of people including CPAs, Accounting Professors, and professionals in the industry. Announcing that the the trip completely successful, our team was delighted by the positive responses and feedback they received.

We decided that, not only just at conferences, our CPA review course materials could be beneficial to those in Academia by providing them with fantastic, ready-to-use resources. Roger CPA Review simplifies concepts, helping CPA Exam Candidates study efficiently and effectively. However, studying for the exam often starts long before CPA Review classes. College courses are where a student embarks on his/her accounting career, learns the fundamentals behind accounting, and can hone in on individual skill sets. We want to make it easier for Accounting Professors to get their hands on great materials to use in their classrooms to make studying easier for both teacher and student.

Roger CPA Review is excited to introduce our new Professor Resource Center website where professors can access valuable information catered to easing their workload and helping students!

This site was founded with a dedication to accounting education and commitment to professors and students alike, and it is continuously updated with new and relevant information. Professors can find

  • course material
  • exam information
  • demo disks
  • CPA Exam info
  • classroom resources
  • podcasts
  • current accounting industry blogs/links
  • access to our online library of preparation videos

Our materials can supplement accounting courses and provide the class with additional information, actual previous CPA Exam questions, debate topics, and much more. If you are interested in receiving professor resources please email us at