This past year in June 2016, Roger CPA Review launched #AccountingForChange, a company-wide employee volunteer initiative where team members across the country are encouraged to take time out of their regular work days to give back to an organization of their choice twice per year.

By encouraging our talented team to make a positive impact, we believe that Roger CPA Review can harbor a greater understanding in the cities, states and countries that we operate. 

This entire week, we will be spotlighting members of our staff giving back to their communities this past quarter and why it was important for them to do so. Today, we feature Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, and Sherry Sandberg who both volunteered at their local food bank. 


Volunteer Spotlight: Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA & Sherry Sandberg 

Roger Philipp (CEO) and Sherry Sandberg (Accounting Manager) both decided to volunteer at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. They helped sort and package food for neighborhood pantries, children's snack programs, and soup kitchens throughout the San Francisco and Marin area. 


San Francisco Marin Food Bank

This organization's mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin. They envision a community where everyone is able to obtain enough nutritious food to support the health and well-being of themselves and their families. They help provide more than 225,000 people with meals as they address hunger by nourishing and empowering their neighbors in need with delivered groceries and classroom education. 


Their Experience

"I’m someone who likes to feed others on holidays or just if friends stop by my house. I love to cook healthy and tasty meals for my friends and family. If someone is hungry, I want to help and feed them. 

Perhaps this is due to a story my mom told me about wanderers that used to ride the trains through the Nebraska countryside looking for work in various towns and on farms. Apparently, my grandmother, a poor immigrant farmer herself, would cook up a big pot of pasta and make tomato sauce from her homegrown tomatoes to feed them as they stopped by their farm looking for work. My mother’s family had no money to employ these laborers, but they did have food to give them. 

The Marin food bank places large bins all over the county to collect canned and dry goods from those that have extra to spare. The food bank also purchases at a discount cosmetically imperfect fresh food from the central valley farmers that would otherwise be plowed under. The food bank warehouses, sorts, packages, and delivers this food to charitable distribution organizations throughout the county. I am grateful that I have not had to suffer from hunger. Thanks to Roger CPA Review’s #AccountingforChange program, I was able to join other volunteers to make a small difference to feed those in need." --Sherry Sandberg