When it comes to grueling tests that make people lose sleep, the bar examination for lawyers gets all the hype. There are countless horror stories about the things that befall people taking The Bar.

However, the CPA Exam is fraught with its own set of unique challenges. Never mind that its 14 hours long, its often taken by people already working at an accounting firm. Handling the exam and work can be extremely time consuming and stressful.

Help Your Employees Pass the CPA Exam 
Thats why, if youre running a firm, you want to give staffers all the tools they need to pass the CPA Exam without it taking a heavy toll on their work and life. Start by using these five methods for helping your employees pass the CPA Exam:
  • Encourage a steady routine. Studying for the exam will require about six days a week. Check in with your employees to make sure theyre not avoiding studying because theyre overwhelmed by the task. They need to have a regular rhythm of studying or they risk forgetting what theyve already learned.   
  • Tell them to turn their phone off. If theyre going to do this right, they cant be checking work email every 20 minutes. Studying to become a CPA requires a lot of focus. Dont distract them outside of work if you can help it.
  • Study on the Go. Using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, this will allow them to study while driving to work, commuting on the bus or train, or even working out on the treadmill (exercise is good for them too).
  • Show them resources. Make sure your staffers are using the tutorial and sample tests from the American Institute of CPAs. Familiarizing themselves with the exam beforehand will make them much more comfortable.
  • Take the pressure off. The exam is a draining 14-hour marathon. You want your employees going into it fresh. Try to make sure theyre not being unnecessarily overworked leading up to the exam.

Becoming a CPA is a big step in an accounting career. When you have employees that can continue to help your business by achieving the certification, you want to do everything you can to support that. The candidates will be grateful for it when they become CPAs. 

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