Whether or not you passed the CPA Exam, the dedication it takes to build up to exam day requires a lot of motivation! So pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for getting through it! Here are 5 things to do after youve taken the exam. Go ahead, you deserve it!

1. Get Some Sleep. Anyone studying for the CPA Exam knows the lack of sleep takes its toll. With this in mind, sleep may be the best reward (and need!) for your hard work. Getting caught up on that lost rest may be the best thing for your mental and physical health. So, go ahead and catch some zZzZs.

2. Get together with your friends. We all know that a social life is pretty nonexistent when studying for the CPA Exam. Make sure to catch-up with old friends and just hang out! No vocabulary that involves the word CPA allowed! Throw a fiesta, pop some champagne or just chill!

3. Take a trip! Now is the time to visit those vacation destinations youve been dreaming of. Whether it may be Sydney, Miami or Disneyland...just get away! Leaving your CPA exam study zone will be therapeutic and just plain ol enjoyable. Visit a friend that you havent seen for a while or take a romantic trip with your significant other. Short on cash? No prob! Take a Staycation.

4. Splurge on something nice. Eying a pair of Nike shoes for the last few months? Diggin a new hat that you think would look great on you (why wouldnt it?) Whatever it may be, get some retail therapy and boost those endorphins and stimulate the economy. Youll be making some good $$$ down the road so why not splurge a bit?

5. Do Nothing. Ahhh...the magic words. You havent heard this phrase in a while, so just lounge around and enjoy the sound of crickets chirping.

Whether you have passed one part or all 4, it's important to treat yourself and give yourself a rest. Enjoy the achievement you have completed and keep going strong ahead. Remember to get back on track after the above list, as there are CPA licensure requirements to fully become a CPA after passing; but for now, relax and sit back!