Winter Storm Juno threatens to be a massive snowstorm for millions of people in the Northeast, starting today through Wednesday. Due to the blizzard-like conditions expected over the next several days, the National Weather Service has issued warnings across 7 northeastern states.

There are countless ways to spend the day when stuck at home during a snow storm. Below are 5 snow day suggestions for CPA Candidates.

1. Stock up on supplies. Obviously you need to be prepared, so getting to the store as quickly as possible before the storm hits is important. Be sure to include coffee on your grocery list in order to keep you focused on your CPA Exam studies.

2. Be productive. Take this time to focus on studying for the CPA Exam. It might be tempting to sleep in, watch television or peruse your social media channels, but remember your goals and priorities are to pass the CPA Exam this year. Stay focused!

3. Plan your CPA Review strategy. Research has shown students who have a study plan are more likely to stick to their studies and reach their goals. Therefore, a study plan can make all the difference between passing and failing the CPA Exam. The Roger CPA Review study planners not only fully incorporate the course syllabus, but can also be customized to account for your life events. Now is the time to organize your studies and your life.

4. Browse accounting and CPA forums. Feeling uninspired? Sometimes it's good to connect with others who are on the same path as you. Browsing accounting and CPA forums on LinkedIn will connect you with other CPA candidates and hopefully give you the inspiration you need to focus on your review material over the next several snow days.

5. Work on MCQs. Add the new CPA Exam MC Question Mobile App to your study routine and harness a deeper understanding of the most tested topics on the CPA Exam! Start quizzing yourself over the material, anywhere. The MCQ app is perfect for convenient quizzing and on-the-go studying. Try it while youre shoveling snow out of your driveway!

Snow days are great opportunities to take advantage of extra study time. Focus on your goals to complete the CPA Exam this year in order to stay productive, but most importantly, stay safe and warm.