A good review course is made up of efficient study tools, effective teaching methods, and enjoyable lessons- all in equal parts. Roger CPA Review is focused on not just getting you that passing score, but also helping you learn the concepts and enjoy doing so! However, not all courses out there live and breathe this methodology. Heres our take on the 4 things CPA reviews are doing wrong, and why they harm you. 

1. Your course is boring. Ignore the status quo! CPA review does not have to be boring. The AICPA states that the average successful candidate studies between 300-400 hours. This number can seem even more daunting if your CPA review course is yawn-inducing.

An enjoyable course is one that stimulates and motivates so that you are fully absorbed in the study material. Its essential that your course be engaging, because that is the only way you will learn all the concepts with the right attitude, contributing to a higher chance of passing.

2. Your course doesnt understand the way you learn. Many courses encourage you to simply highlight, listen to droning lectures, rinse and repeat. This conventional way of studying seems to be the norm because there doesnt seem to be a better way to learn the drab concepts. 

The way we consume information has changed: instead of reading the newspaper cover to cover, many of us search for bite-sized clips of information. Likewise, as you study for the CPA Exam you may only have 15 minutes, rather 2-hours, to commit. Those precious 15 minutes can be spent watching short lectures or reviewing questions. Your CPA review should encourage learning that engages you visually and aurally, allowing you to attack the material your way. 

3. Your course sells you what you want, not what you need. Some review courses boast the option to buy only books, only lectures, or another broken-off section of their course. While this seems like a good way to save money, it wont ensure you pass the CPA Exam.

Your CPA Review Course should be the expert on the CPA Exam, thus offering you a product that they KNOW will help you pass. It is important to save money, so taking a course that gives you ALL necessary tools up front, rather than selling you a book, only to see you again 6 months later purchasing the whole course, is vital.

4. Your course materials dont fit together. A streamlined and cohesive review course is key in successful learning and preparation for the CPA Exam. Some courses will give you disjointed study materials, ultimately leading to confusion and frustration! Should you be reading the extra material the instructor didnt cover in lecture? Should you be tackling the practice problems based on topics the instructor didnt explain? The most effective learning happens when there is structure and integration among all review course materials.

Your CPA review course should integrate all key course components to ensure everything works intuitively. This means all your study materials (lessons, textbooks, notes, and study questions) are not only on one platform, but are interconnected, allowing for that streamlined study process. Being able to note trouble areas in the text and lessons through an incorrect answer in the study questions is vital to your studying. Your chances of mastering concepts are increased when you use tools that work hand-in-hand. This integration of study tools is held together by technology, which can also provide innovative tools such as online study planners and the ability to assess your understanding, further enabling your success.  

For many, the CPA Exam is one of the most important tests students will take in their lives.  It requires an incredible amount of blood, sweat, tears and yesmoney.  Make a smart choice in how you prepare to ensure you pass the CPA Exam on the first try!