For this week ONLY, we've put together a very exciting scholarship drive for students who are on their way to becoming CPAs! This scholarship applies to students who don't have enough credits to meet the 150 credits for licensure requirement and would like to prepare for the CPA Exam at the same time.

Recently, Roger CPA Review was selected by a California State University to bring students a unique opportunity to earn up to 6 AACSB credits. The Roger CPA Review for Academic Credit program is an online course with the goal of preparing students for the CPA Exam while providing the opportunity to earn university credits. Students are eligible to earn 3-6 AACSB units, depending on how many sections they sign up for. In this promotion, we are awarding tuition to one student, offering him/her the opportunity to earn these credits through the Roger CPA Review for Academic Credit course.

Note: Simply clicking the entry button does not actually complete that action for you. You must complete the actions on your own to be eligible for that entry. We will be checking to see if you actually completed the actions to be eligible. However, the only required entry is to leave a comment below-- we want to hear from you. Please remember to leave your name when you comment on this blog, otherwise we can't tell you apart. Best of luck! 

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