2017 cpa exam changes used as a motivator

A month or so ago, the AICPA released information regarding the changes to the CPA exam that will take effect in 2017.  While many of us who are currently taking the exam may feel that it does not apply to us, think again.  It is not unusual for the CPA process to take some candidates over 18 months.

 Being that we’re currently in the month of October 2015, anyone who has just began to study or is trying to make the decision on whether to begin studying, let me make this easy for you.  START NOW.  The changes to the exam will make the exam more difficult and it is a major adjustment to how the exam is currently structured. 


I’m using these announcements as a motivator to push myself further than I’ve pushed myself before.  

This exam is already not coming easily to me so for me to have to pass another “version” of the exam is not ideal.  For example, the 2017 CPA exam will test candidates on higher level skills, meaning they will be testing you on Application, Analysis, and Remembering and Understanding.  I’ve bolded Analysis because this is the additional skill that will be tested.  The examiners will be testing you on your critical thinking and analytical solving. 


In addition to the Analysis Concept, the exam will be longer.

 Each exam will now be a 4 hour exam with the major changes coming in the BEC section.  Currently, the BEC section does not have any TBS, but in the upcoming changes, BEC will now include BOTH TBS and the Written Communications part of the exam.  I would strongly advise on passing the BEC section before such changes occur.


With these changes in mind, I have made it even higher of a priority to attain my CPA accreditation prior to 2017.  

The exam is already a beast it in its current form, and I have no desire of tackling an even greater beast.  My suggestion to all of those who are considering studying or who are currently studying but losing motivation to continue is to use these changes as your motivator; use it to your advantage.  It will only get harder if you push the exam back. 


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Good luck to all of you on your future exams,
Chris Boate, Guest Blogger for Roger CPA Review