avengers age of ultron movie Summertime is always one of the primetime seasons of the year when Hollywood and various other filmmakers release their blockbusters. Here are some of this summer’s most anticipated films and instances where you could have sworn that they were related to the CPA Exam.





The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Remember that famous scene from the trailer when the Avengers are all having a good time in Tony Stark’s living room and then that discombobulated Ultron emerges from the basement and ruins everything? 

avengers age of ultron

Yeah. That’s definitely a metaphor for the CPA Exam. 


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise holds onto the side of a plane in take-off mode, holds his breath underwater for about an hour, engages in a high-speed car chase after being dead for a second, and miraculously lives after being flung off of his motorcycle that was traveling at about a bajillion miles per hour. 

mission impossible rogue nation

They were absolutely portraying how you feel whenever you get more than a 70% on your practice questions.  


Jurassic World 

Chris Pratt and his raptors.

jurassic world

Their relationship is an allusion to your relationship with the CPA Exam. 


Inside Out 

Oh man. This movie. 

inside out

Riley’s move to San Francisco and growing up parallels your decision to become a CPA and understanding all the requirements you have to meet. 


Terminator: Genisys 

Going back in time and resetting the future. 

terminator genisys

Just about exactly what you want to do every single time you leave the Prometric Testing Center. 




Every time Paul Rudd puts on the suit and turns ant-size. 


The size you feel you are when you encounter a topic you don’t know on the CPA Exam. 


San Andreas 

And finally, this film that confirms many Californians’ worst nightmares in epic, well-to-do effects. 

san andreas

What is going to happen if you don’t pass all 4 sections within that 18 month rolling window.