2011-cpa-exam-changesIf you are planning on taking any sections of the CPA Exam in 2011, you need to check out the new sample test available on the AICPA website.

We here at Roger CPA Review have provided comprehensive information on the 2011 changes including scoring weights and the new structure for each section found here, as well as a focus on changes to the Task-Based Simulations found here, but sometimes a simple list is the easiest way to reference what's going on.

Below is a list of the functional items that are changing on the Exam. You'll want to be familiar with how these particular features operate, especially if you've already sat for a section in 2010. If you aren't familiar with the functionality of the Exam it can significantly impact your score. The AICPA says, "Thorough familiarity with the examinations functionality, format, and directions is required before candidates report to test centers."

Here's what's changing:

  • Calculator
  • Research Task
  • Authoritative Literature
  • Spreadsheets

Take the 2011 sample test by visiting the AICPA website.

The AICPA also said they'll be releasing new information regarding the Candidate Performance Report however the Skill Specification Outlines have already been released.