Happy Friday the 13th! To all those who are studying like crazy, who have already passed and experienced the joys of studying, or to those who have yet to embark on their CPA Exam studies, this is for you!

1. You took a late night food break and this happened:

2. You leave the house duties to your husband while you study:

3. You had the entire day planned out to study. Just you, your study materials, and your quietly sleeping dog. Then this happened:

4. You were just sitting there, studying, when a flash flood came and ruined all your books!
(True story - this really happened to one of our students!)

5. Thought you would take a snack break and try out a recipe you found on pinterest:

6. You dropped your iPhone while watching Roger teach FAR and it cracked! But then you used your giant stash of company-branded highlighters to do this:

(Google "highlighter iphone crack" to make your own!)

7. You left your markers out for 5 minutes and:

8. You were out catching rays while you studied Auditing, you fell asleep, and this happened:

9. After passing REG, you went out with a few friends to celebrate and came home with this:

10. You shut your eyes for 15 minutes and .... it's the next morning!

11. You left your computer in your car after studying at the library and this happened.

12. You realized you forgot to schedule your exam and tomorrow is the end of the testing window

13. You thought your firm bought you Roger CPA Review, but they bought you "the other course" instead!