Today is Thanksgiving and the launch of the 2016 holiday season. As you all are gathered with loved ones, we hope you’re reflecting on who or what has made life that much more beautiful this year. So we, too, wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the people and things that we have been thankful for in 2016.


1. Our Students. 

Always at the top of our list first and foremost is all of you. Thank you for being among the best students that we've had the joy of partnering with for the CPA Exam. We appreciate you. We know that taking on the CPA Exam requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In some ways, we also know that studying with us means that we’re being integrated into your family as our lectures, textbooks, and practice questions permeate and cross over into many parts of your social and personal life. It is not only a privilege to be part of your CPA Exam and licensing journey, but to be a positive part of your career and future. All of you make each and every day rewarding. 


2. Our Partners

While our students are very important to us, so are our partners. We’d like to thank the AICPA and all the firms and universities that we have partnered with over the years for all of their support and enthusiasm when it comes to helping candidates pass the CPA Exam. All of you play an integral part in helping us understand industry demands and academic practices that influence how we all help keep the accounting profession alive and well. 


3. Our free and democratic country. 

We know that this last presidential election has been an intense and controversial one. And while we’ve always known that to be an American is a huge and honorable privilege, we can sometimes take for granted just how lucky we are to be living in a free and democratic nation where the people decide who will represent them at home and abroad. Regardless of who we all voted for, it’s important to appreciate the fact that we get to vote at all and that we live in a country where our voices are heard. 


4. Our growing Roger CPA Review family. 

This past year, we have had the opportunity to grow our staff across the United States. From California to Texas to Chicago and everywhere in between, we’re proud to have hired new talent represent us in new markets to meet new students and clients. As we continue to expand and grow, we’re grateful to hire enthusiastic and intelligent individuals with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives to keep us innovative and passionate about what we do. 


5. Professional Development Opportunities

Several of our team members attended large conferences this year to further their knowledge and bring it back to their departments. We’re thankful for the opportunity to expand our areas of expertise and learn from other innovators in the industry which all help us grow and do the best things that we can for our clients and students. 


6. Star Wars

Last year, the Star Wars saga welcomed The Force Awakens. This year, it continues with Rogue One which hits theaters Dec 16. For many millennials who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, being able to witness this epic legacy continue after so many years is truly a treat. We’re thankful for George Lucas’ great imagination (part of which came from the cranes at the San Francisco port), and for the chance to continuously partake in a franchise that appeals to all generations. 


7. Kevin Durant & The Golden State Warriors

Of course, we couldn’t leave this very awesome addition to our Golden State Warriors team on the wayside. Although the Warriors didn’t win the Championship last year, we’re grateful to be home to one of the most amazing basketball teams the NBA has ever seen. Not only was Stephen Curry for the first time unanimously picked as MVP last year, but they also broke the record for most consecutive games won during the regular season. We’d also like to give a special shout out to Kevin Durant who has embraced the Bay Area with open arms and who will hopefully bring us another Championship trophy next year. We’re so excited to see what great feats this team will accomplish this season! 


8. San Francisco

Being headquartered in San Francisco has been truly great. This city that offers so much diversity in terms of people, food, art, businesses, and more never fails to inspire and humble us. We feel pretty lucky to be in a city that’s at the heart of technological innovation, famous companies, and a wealth of start-ups. There’s no other place we’d rather be!


9. Health, happiness, and family and friends

Ok, we know we bunched a whole lot of things into this one, but we couldn’t help ourselves. All of us here at Roger CPA Review are thankful for the amazing people in our lives who love, support, and encourage us to be the best humans we can be. In addition, we’re also thankful for good health and for access to so many resources that allow us to live smarter and longer.


10. Roger and Louisa Philipp 

And last, but not least, we as a company are thankful to Roger and Louisa Philipp and all the amazing opportunities afforded to us because of their dedication and commitment to helping candidates pass the CPA Exam. They are compassionate, fun, humorous, and incredibly intelligent people who make our jobs rewarding and really go out of their way to appreciate their staff. Without Roger and Louisa, Roger CPA Review wouldn’t be here today and we wouldn’t have the honor of contributing to the Accounting Education space. 


From all of us at Roger CPA Review, Happy Thanksgiving!