What? You didn't have time to get a costume? Shocker! Accounting is probably one of the busiest and most misjudged professions out there. No, we aren't all nerds. Yes, we do have a social life. And yes, sometimes accountants like to party too!

With Halloween just around the corner, it may be time to either live up to the stereotypes or prove them wrong. Here are a few last minute DIY costume ideas for all you current and future accountants.

1. Nerd! You knew it was coming.... This actually links to a pretty cool article on how to put together your own nerd costume. 

2. Zombie Accountant. One day, you were just sitting at the office when BAM you were bit by a zombie. Guess you will forever wear your suit and pocket protector. 
3. Calculator. For those mini accountants in the making.
4. Bandits! Don't worry, we wont tell anyone your secret identity.
5. Whistle Blower: Here's an easy one, although it might be a bit annoying for the co-workers
6. We all know how you get through the day...
7.  Different kind of assets - Come in white shirts, ties, and put padding in your "assets": We don't have a picture for this one, but you get the idea:
  • Liquid assets (carry around a squirt gun or water balloons)
  • Re-tired assets (aloha print shirt, AARP brochure, and Medicare card)
  • Fixed Assets (someone with their arm in a sling, or someone carrying a tool box or tool belt)
  • Kiss My Assets (Big Pink Lips on the assets)
  • Frozen Assets  (Ice Trays hanging off  their body)

8. Cash or Cash Flow
9. Broke College Student/CPA Candidate

10. Death and Taxes. For all you current and future IRS agents out there, its time to have a little fun!

So what are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween? Any other ideas?