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Helping students pass the CPA Exam. It’s what we do!

Our mission is to create an impactful learning experience that helps aspiring accountants achieve career success.
We believe the key to success is enjoying what you do. Embrace the process. Reach the goal.
Helping students pass the CPA Exam. It’s what we do!

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“I am very happy I selected to switch from another CPA review course to Roger CPA Review. The energy of the instructor is contagious, which helps with those late night study sessions that need to happen after a 12 hour work day. The short lectures provide enough detail to cover the material but not so much detail it becomes overwhelming or difficult to follow.”

“My daughter was four-years-old and my son was 3-months old at the time I started studying for the CPA. I am glad I chose Roger's CPA Review over other products because Roger's style of teaching really helped me retain the information. I was able to balance work and family while studying for the CPA Exam. Thanks for helping me achieving my goal!”

“The videos and study materials are well prepared and have a nice, easy-to-follow flow. Roger's energy and humor were a welcomed relief from the sometimes dull content and enabled me to stay engaged and focused. I'm a habitual procrastinator so I needed something to keep me on track, and the study planner was the perfect tool for doing just that. I passed all four sections on the first try!”

- Jennifer Ratliff, January 2017
54CPA Exam Review Course
- Hong Nguyen, December 2016
54CPA Exam Review Course
- Cory Pendleton, November 2016
54CPA Exam Review Course

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