The Road Map to Individual Taxation

Did you know that at least 60% of the REG Exam tests your knowledge on taxation? Start your REG studying out right with a study session on Individual Taxation with Roger Philipp, CPA, using a lecture straight from the Roger CPA Review course! Ensure you understand this highly tested CPA Exam topic and are ready to move on to more complex taxation subjects. Whether this is your first time learning this topic, or you're just in need of a refresher, you will gain a new perspective and higher comfort level with this vital area of the CPA Exam. Tune in to learn:

  • The difference between various items on the tax return form
  • An easy trick to memorize the due dates for tax returns for various entities
  • Taxation equation
  • Tool for remembering Schedule A and itemized deductions
  • The difference between adjustments and itemized deductions for individuals

Monday, October 27th to
Friday, October 31st (Access expires 10/31 at 11:59pm PST) Duration: approx. 23 minutes

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