CPA Course for Academic Credit

CPA Exam Prep+University Credits = No Brainer!

Roger CPA Review has been selected by Golden Gate University to offer the unique opportunity for students nation-wide to prepare for the CPA Exam while earning up to 6 university graduate credits. This online CyberCampus program is ideal for students needing additional credits to sit for the CPA Exam or obtain licensure.

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GGU Open Enrollment

Program Details at a Glance

How it Works

Students begin by enrolling in Golden Gate University's Cyber Campus graduate Accounting 365 Courses. Current Golden Gate University students pursuing a degree may enroll in these courses during standard enrollment. All other domestic students will take the course(s) via Open Enrollment. Once enrolled with GGU, you will be directed to register with Roger CPA Review, via a special GGU program webpage. You will have access to all the great features of the Roger CPA Review course, in addition to receiving support and guidance from your GGU faculty. Upon successful completion of your GGU course you will be awarded the corresponding units. Credit value awarded depends on how many sections of the review course you've completed. For more information on GGU course specifics please visit the Course Catalogue.

How to Qualify

Open Enrollment in graduate courses requires the minimum of a bachelor's degree which must be declared on the Open Enrollment form. Open enrollment does not require submission of GMAT scores.

Earn University Units

Golden Gate University offers individual courses, degree programs and professional certificates through CyberCampus that are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Although the web-based format is unique, the courses are the same as those offered at any Golden Gate University location. CyberCampus courses are taught by the same faculty and are held to the same rigorous academic standards as courses offered in traditional classroom settings.

Campus Partnership Information

This program is offered through a partnership with Golden Gate University (GGU). Information is available regarding the academic calendar, course schedules, class descriptions, tuition, registration and assistance paying for your courses.
Any questions or requests for additional information may be directed to the School of Accounting at 415-442-6559 or

Classroom Environment

This is an online CyberCampus program. A faculty member is assigned to the course and your progress throughout the Roger CPA Review program will be monitored. Faculty interaction will be held via a Moodle online classroom platform, while course lectures, eTextbook, notes, bookmarks, and other course tools are accessed directly via the Roger CPA Review Course student account.

Program Advantages

By enrolling through this option you will save time and effort as you prepare for the CPA Exam while simultaneously earning university credits. This provides an additional competitive advantage during the recruiting process. No brainer, right?!

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