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At Roger CPA Review, we stand by our belief that there's a unique opportunity for the CPA Review industry, one where CPA Exam preparation can be painless – and dare we say – enjoyable.

Roger Philipp, CPA founded Roger CPA Review in San Francisco, California in 2001. Since the very first day of class, Roger CPA Review has been committed to a student–centered mission: to give CPA Candidates exciting and effective instruction, streamlined and frequently updated materials, an unparalleled level of service, and next generation study tools. The success of Roger CPA Review lies in our full–service solution to the CPA Exam, helping students from point A, all the way to CPA. This fully–integrated service has helped over 85,000 students prepare for the exam, and has ultimately led to our renowned pass rate – 88%.

The Roger CPA Review staff has continued to grow each year and is now a workforce of over 40 employees across the country, in Japan and the United Arab Emirates. From operations to marketing, sales, web development and IT, we're a spirited group that loves what we do and truly believes in the course we have to offer. Meet the team!

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