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At Roger CPA Review, our mission goes beyond preparing our students to pass the CPA Exam – that's a given. We believe the key to any success is enjoying what you do, and are therefore dedicated to providing the most intuitive and engaging learning system that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment. We motivate and inspire our students every step of the way, and continuously perfect our study tools to foster a preparation process that is Efficient, Effective and – most importantly – Enjoyable.

88% Pass Rate

Pass the CPA Exam with the Roger Method™ - a fully-integrated system based on learning, applying, and practicing

Fully Integrated e-Learning Platform

Streamline your study experience with fully-integrated materials: Dynamic, bite-sized Lessons, physical and electronic Course Textbooks and Interactive Practice Questions

CPA Exam Questions

Simulate the CPA Exam experience with thousands of Interactive Practice Questions, including: MCQ, TBS, and custom quizzes!

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"There is a real focus on understanding the big picture so that you can drill down to the more minute details."

- David Coyne, Deloitte LLP

"Through the flexibility of the online course and Roger's teaching method, I was able to pass all 4 exams within 1 test window on the first try."
- Andy Yoo, UCLA

"I loved all the mnemonics and how he helped point out what was most important for me to study."

- Monica Metz-Brunny, UNF/UF

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